ISS a rendez vous Mercredi 14 octobre à 19h41 TU (21h41 CEST) avec une école élémentaire de Burlington dans l’état de Washington aux USA.  Il s’agit d’un télébridge entre OR4ISS et IK1SLD. Le signal sera donc audible en Europe.

Liste des questions (en anglais)

1. Owen (K): How do astronauts walk in space?
2. Hazel (1): How do you exercise in space?
3. Karson (2): What can you see from the ISS?
4. Katelyn (2): Are you allowed to have pets in space?
5. Zachary (3): Is time different in space if so by how much?
6. Annika (4): How do the astronauts use technological devices like iPads in space if there is no Wifi?
7. Alex (4): Which planets do you study most and why?
8. Emerson (5): What is the daily schedule like in space?
9. Talon (6): Is there a way to grow plants in space?
10. L.J. (7): How does zero gravity affect bone mass?
11. Abby (8): What do you do for fun?
12. Jeremiah (K): What does the sun look like in space?
13. Abigail (1): How do you take a shower or bath in space without water going everywhere?
14. Zoe (2): How do astronauts go to the bathroom?
15. Sativia (3): Why did you want to go to outer space?
16. Rex (4): What are you researching to help people on Earth and why?
17. Blaine (5): When you break a bone, will it heal faster or slower in space?
18. Bella (6): What happens if you get sick in space?
19. Damian (7): What is the weather like in space?
20. Lauryn (8): What is a weirder feeling, going from gravity to zero gravity or from zero gravity to gravity?