ISS a rendez vous avec l’école Dragonskolan en Suède le mercredi 25 novembre à 9h44 UTC ou 10h44 locales. C’est un contact en télébridge entre NA1SS et VE4ISS, les signaux ne seront pas audibles en Europe.

Le contact sera retransmis sur EchoLink AMSAT (node 101 377) et JK1ZRW (node 277 208) ainsi que sur IRLP Discovery Reflector 9010.

Liste de question en anglais

  • 1. Joacim 16 : How would you describe the smell in space?
  • 2. Ida 16: Is going to space what you expected it to be?
  • 3. Ellen 16: How dark is it dark in space?
  • 4. Roya 16: Have you ever fantasized about seeing an alien life form?
  • 5. Maja 16: Do you have access to internet and social media on the space station?
  • 6. Elsa 16: What is the first thing you want to do when you get back home?
  • 7. Sebastian 16: What is your annual salary as an astronaut?
  • 8. Saif 16: When are humans expected to go to Mars?
  • 9. Anna 18: How does one feel in size aboard the space station?
  • 10. Ludwig 17: If a person is in the middle of a room in aboard the space station without reaching the walls. How would that person move from that position without throwing something in the opposite direction?
  • 11. Gustav 18: Where does the oxygen come from?
  • 12. Linda 18: How has your vision of life changed from being in space?
  • 13. Marcus 18: Which time is correct in space?
  • 14. Klara 18: How do you take a shower in low gravity?
  • 15. Lisa 18: Do you ever get tired of each other on the space station? 1
  • 6. Linnea 16: Don’t you miss your family and friends?
  • 17. David 18: Do you think people get another view on our problems on earth after a trip to space?
  • 18. Patrick 17: What does it feel like to sleep in space?
  • 19. Vincent 17: Was it worth all the training to go to space?
  • 20. Josefin 17: What is the best experience you have had so far going to space?