OR4ISS a rendez vous mardi 8 mars à 8h22 UTC avec OK2KYJ pour l’école Olomuc à Moravia en République Tchèque.  Le signal sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz en FM bande étroite.

Il sera retransmis sur EchoLink conference server, *AMSAT* (node 101377).

Tous les renseignements sont sur les sites :

Liste des questions

1. Alzbeta (18): What is it like eating in zero gravity?
2. Frantisek(19): How can you relax on the ISS? Do you have time to watch movies?
3. Vojtech (19): Is the day/night cycle the same as on Earth? Are you on shifts?
4. Barbora (18): What was the most difficult or strangest thing to get used to on the ISS?
5. Monika (18): Does your stay in space have any influence on your health and if so, how?
6. Robin (17): What do you miss most from gravity on Earth?
7. Anna-Marie (18): How do you deal with the isolation from your family?
8. Linda (19): Is it possible to catch a cold on the ISS or is it a completely sterile environment?
9. Tomas (18): Can you use a 3D printer in the same way as on Earth?
10. Alzbeta (18): How do you overcome weightlessness when back on Earth?
11. Frantisek (19): Does time pass slower or faster in your daily routine aboard the ISS compared to life on Earth?
12. Vojtech (19): Do you access the Internet in the same fashion as on Earth?
13. Barbora (18): Do you have any musical instruments on the ISS?
14. Monika (18): Are you planning a stay of a small pet aboard the ISS?
15. Robin (17): Are there any special items that you carry with you all the time?
16. Anna-Marie (18): What do you think is the biggest problem for humans to go beyond low earth orbit?
17. Linda (19): How are you being filmed during a spacewalk?
18. Tomas (18): Is it possible to compare life on ISS to somewhere on Earth?