La station spatiale ISS a rendez vous avec l’école Venta à Carp dans l’Ontario au Canada. Jeffe Williams KD5TVQ opérera la station d’ISS. C’est un contact en Télébridge opéré par IK1SLD au nord de l’Italie.

Le signal sera donc audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz FM bande étroite

Liste des questions

  • 1) Maggie: How do different cultural backgrounds of the astronauts impact space station life?
  • 2) Ashton: What are the topics of conversation between the different astronauts given they are from different countries?
  • 3) Samuel: What is the common language on board the space station? Is there a common language that all must speak?
  • 4) Kyota: Do you use personal tablets or electronic devices on board – can an IPhone work in space?
  • 5) Alexis: How do you feel both emotionally and physically on the space station?
  • 6) Eren: Are your meals decided for you or do you have a choice – can you bring favorite items with you from earth?
  • 7) Anika: Do you envision a future space station with hundreds of people on board?
  • 8) Kampbell: What specific work or research are you doing during your mission on the space station?
  • 9) Olivia: How does the line of authority work on the space station – does the commanding officer have final say on all decisions?
  • 10) Aparna: What are your favorite views of earth?
  • 11) Cadence: With fans/equipment running, is it noisy or quiet on board?
  • 12) Russell: What are the temperatures and climate settings like? Is it cool and who controls this?