ARISS_NASA-300x142La station spatiale internationale et l’astronaute Shane Kimbrough KE5HOD a rendez vous avec l’Institut « Marco da Melo »  à Mel en Italie. Le rendez vous aura lieu le vendredi 4 novembre à 8h47 UTC.

Le signal descendant sera audible sur l’Europe sur 145.800 MHz en FM bande étroite.

Liste des questions

  • 1. What do you like most about living in space?
  • 2. When did you decide to become an astronaut?
  • 3. How do you keep fit in space?
  • 4. How did you feel when you watched planet Earth for the first time?
  • 5. What did you feel when you first entered the Station?
  • 6. Is it difficult to get used to living in space?
  • 7. What planet would you prefer to visit, if you could, and why?
  • 8. Which kind of food do you eat in space?
  • 9. Do you believe there is life on other planets?
  • 10. How did you reach the Station and how long does it take?
  • 11. What was your ambition when you were young?
  • 12. How do you think this experience will change you?
  • 13. How were you selected for the space program?
  • 14. What sacrifices did you have to make to become an astronaut?
  • 15. What does planet earth look like from there?
  • 16. Have you ever encountered any problems during this expedition?
  • 17. How long will you be staying in space?
  • 18. What do you see from there?
  • 19. Would you like to land on the moon and why?
  • 20. How big is the ISS?
  • 21. What is the most interesting experience you have had in your job?
  • 22. Is the Space Station comfortable?
  • 23. Who was your inspiration when you decided to become an astronaut?
  • 24. If I wanted to become an astronaut, what would you suggest I should do?