La station ISS opéré par Shane Kimbrough KE5HOD a rendez avec l’école Salesian à WROCLAW en Pologne vendredi 25 novembre à 11h12 UTC. C’est un contact télébridge opéré par W6SRJ depuis Santa Rosa en Californie aux USA.

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Liste des questions

  • 1. Julia (18): What personality features do you need to have to manage and stay in space for so long?
  • 2. Krzysztof K. (17): What were your first activities or experiments in microgravity that you did for your curiosity or pleasure?
  • 3. Krzysztof M. (16): Is it possible to catch flu or cold and if so, can you take the same medicines that we take here on Earth?
  • 4. Artur (16): How many millimeters are you taller on the ISS than on Earth?
  • 5. Monika (16): What emotions dominated you during the first expedition: fear, joy or excitement?
  • 6. Yan (16): What do you think when you look down on Earth and its inhabitants?
  • 7. Olga (16): Do you like to be in constantly free falling state on the ISS?
  • 8. Jan (16): Is it hard to fall asleep in space?
  • 9. Joasia (16): What are your duties on the ISS?
  • 10. Konrad (17): How well is cosmic rubbish visible from the ISS and how can you protect the ISS against them?
  • 11. Rafal (18) Is it true that the Great Wall of China is only object built by humans that is visible from the ISS?
  • 12. Marysia (18): How do you feel the changes of time during a day on the ISS?
  • 13. Teresa (18): Is it good idea to have pets like a cat or a dog aboard the ISS?
  • 14. Asia (18): Have you got some unusually felling or health problems after a few days in microgravity environment on the ISS?
  • 15. Grzegorz (18): What’s your way to deal with boredom in space?
  • 16. Kacper (18): How were you selected to work as an astronaut and how were you selected for this mission to the ISS?
  • 17. Milosz (17): Will you have a Christmas tree on the ISS this year?