ISS a a rendez vous avec le musée de l’aviation à Dallas dans le Texas, le samedi 5 août à 18h02 UTC. C’est l’astronaute Paolo Nespoli IZ0JP  qui sera au micro en télébridge avec ON4ISS en Belgique. Le contact sera audible sur l’Europe sur 145.800 MHz en bande FM étroite.

Liste des questions

  • 1. Abby, age 9: How long did it take for the Space Station to be built?
  • 2. Kimber, age 12: Does the change in gravity affect a person’s heart rate and length of sleep?
  • 3. Reese, age 13: How do the experiments on the Space Station help us overcome the challenges humans will face on the journey to Mars?
  • 4. Nathaniel, age 11: Does electricity work differently in space than on Earth?
  • 5. Adam, age 10: Are there any plans to reduce, recycle, and even reuse the space debris orbiting Earth?
  • 6. Seher, age 7: How do you fly the Space Station?
  • 7. Lucia, age 13: Will you be able to see the solar eclipse on August 21st in space?
  • 8. Max, age 12: What is it like to live in micro-gravity?
  • 9. Mateo, age 11: Do you have dreams and how do you feel after waking up?
  • 10. Lilly, age 7: What was the most surprising experiment you have done on the Space Station?
  • 11. Leo, age 9: What language do you speak on the Space Station?
  • 12. Alyssa, age 9: Have you ever been sick in space?
  • 13. Johan, age 6: What has been your best experience as an astronaut?
  • 14. Lauren, age 11: What did you study in school to help you become an astronaut?
  • 15. Eunice, age 9: Are your favorite foods in space the same as your favorite foods on Earth?
  • 16. Ariel, age 6: Why does your spacecraft heat up coming back down to Earth but not while launching into space?