L’astronaute Joe Acaba KE5DAR entrera en contact avec  « Glanmire Community College » à Cork en Irelande et « Colegiul National Calistrat Hogas Piatra Neamt » à Piatra Neamt en Roumanie jeudi 26 octobre 2017 à 09h55 UTC. Le contact sera direct et en télébridge, opéré par EI1ISS. Il sera audible sur l’Europe sur 145.800 MHz FM étroite.

Liste des questions

Questions impaires pour l’Irlande et questions paires pour la Roumanie.

  • 1. Daisy (14): What experiments would Leonardo Da Vinci carry out if he was in your place?
  • 2. Raluca (17): What are some of the most interesting experiments that you have been a part of, in space?
  • 3. Ruairi (17): Could you simulate gravity with a centrifuge on the ISS?
  • 4. Vlad (16): What is your favorite aspect of being in space?
  • 5. Maddie (13): Does your hair & cells grow faster or slower on the ISS?
  • 6. Theodor (16): Is there a limit to the amount of water you can use & how do you get more?
  • 7. Glenn (17): Are microorganisms affected by microgravity, and how does this affect digestion?
  • 8. Andreea (17): Is there a safe time limit in which an astronaut can be in space?
  • 9. Sean (15): Can you give one example of how augmented reality could save time on the ISS?
  • 10. Andi (16): Is time passing slower for you than it is for us?
  • 11. Ciara (13): I read your sense of taste changes on board ISS. Does that mean you could eat the hottest pepper on earth?
  • 12. Alexandru (16): What changes does the human body go through while in space and after going back to Earth?
  • 13. Ruth (16): Will it be possible to carry out deep space exploration without the use of artificial intelligence?
  • 14. Tudor (17): What is the most difficult activity that you encounter every day?
  • 15. Olivia (14): Does the ISS send information in real-time to help to track storms?
  • 16. Andreea (17): What do you usually do in your spare time?
  • 17. Adam (16): Could the robotic arm be used to protect you against space debris?
  • 18. Raluca (17): Does NASA plan any more updates to the station?
  • 19 .Cormac (13): Is it hard to sleep in space as you float?
  • 20. Theodor (16): If the colonization of Mars is reliable, when are we going to start moving there?