L’astronaute Paolo Nespoli IZØJPA avec la station OR0ISS entrera en contact avec Bishop Hendricken High School and its sister school, St. Mary Academy – Bay View, Warwick, RI le jeudi 30 novembre à 17h02 UTC. Le contact sera un télébridge opéré par IK1SLD depuis la station italienne. Le contact sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz et sera fait en anglais.

L’évènement sera retransmis en streaming https://livestream.com/accounts/9685187/events/7946215

Liste des questions

  • 1. How has your experience in space affected your personal faith or beliefs?
  • 2. How does zero gravity impact the sound of a stringed instrument like a guitar?
  • 3. Does cell growth become stunted, accelerated, or simply remain constant in microgravity?
  • 4. How is vaccine drug discovery improved in your microgravity environment versus a pharmaceutical research lab on Earth?
  • 5. What results from space station research have yielded the greatest impact on Earth?
  • 6. How does long exposure to microgravity impact an astronaut’s eyesight and eye health?
  • 7. Do adrenaline rushes in microgravity cause you to mentally process things differently?
  • 8. Since your body is better supported in zero gravity, do you expend less energy and therefore eat less?
  • 9. How do you combat loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength (sarcopenia) while in orbit?
  • 10. If space tourism begins to take space travel out of the hands of \ government, are there major concerns to opening it up to the private sector?
  • 11. With the human race on the cusp of interplanetary travel, what new fields of study and skill sets will astronauts need?
  • 12. How do planets and stars look differently from your vantage point?
  • 13. How much is the human aging process impacted after a nine month trip to Mars?
  • 14. With global challenges like poverty and disasters, why is it important to spend money on space travel?
  • 15. What earthbound activities do you miss the most while in orbit?
  • 16. When you aren’t in space, what are your outside interests and hobbies?