Contact 1

La station ISS a rendez vous le Mardi 8 octobre à 12h51 UTC avec Bampton School, Bampton, United Kingdom.

La conversation se fera en anglais entre Drew Morgan KI5AAA et GB4BPS

Contact 2

La station ISS a rendez vous le Mardi 8 octobreà 14h29 UTC avec  le College Robert Doisneau, Sarralbe, France.

La conversation se fera en anglais entre Luca Parmitano KF5KDP et F6KFT

Liste des questions

Questions contact 1

  • 1. Corey (Age 7): Has the International Space Station ever suffered any damage from a meteor strike?
  • 2. Thea (Age 9): How can space be made accessible to people with disabilities?
  • 3. Sophie (Age 10): How long will it take you to get used to gravity again when you get home?
  • 4. Jesse (Age 6): What would happen if I took a snowball into space?
  • 5. Rufus (Age 8): How do you get to and from the International Space Station?
  • 6. Alfie (Age 10): If you cut yourself in space, who acts as the doctor to fix it for you?
  • 7. Willow (Age 10): Do you dream differently in space or dream of anything in particular?
  • 8. Jacob (Age 10): If I kick a football in space, how far would it travel?
  • 9. Maya (Age 9): When you were a child did you want to go to space and is there anything that disappointed you about it?
  • 10. Hetty (Age 8): What does it feel like when you are in a rocket and you are about to get shot into space?
  • 11. Corey asking Oliver’s question (Age 9): If you could make one improvement to the International Space Station, what would it be?
  • 12. Thea asking Nancy’s question (Age 5): The International Space Station travels at 5 miles per second, can you feel it moving when travelling fast like you can on earth?
  • 13. Sophie asking Eban’s question (Age 6): The International Space Station is so fast, how does it not crash into the other satellites that are also in orbit?
  • 14. Jesse asking Sorrel’s question (Age 9): Did you have any concerns looking back at Earth for the first time?
  • 15. Rufus asking Macy’s question (Age 9): How many planets have you seen from the International Space Station?
  • 16. Alfie asking Ellie’s question (Age 10): If you could grow any plant in the International Space Station what would it be?
  • 17. Willow asking Eve’s question (Age 10): How long have you been on the International Space Station and how long do you think you could stay there for?
  • 18. Jacob asking Johnny’s question (Age 6): What time goes your clock show on the Space Station? Is it USA, UK, Russian or Japan time?
  • 19. Maya asking Ruan’s question (Age 9): Do you get to keep your customised seat or anything else as a souvenir of your trip?
  • 20. Hetty asking William’s question (Age 8): We are getting aware about the amount of rubbish on earth, are you worried about the amount of space junk and can you see it?

Questions contact 2

  • 1. Leonie (3eme): Avez-vous peur lorsque vous faites une sortie dans l’espace?
  • 2. Lisa (3eme): Que mangez-vous?
  • 3. Claire (3eme): Combien de temps travaillez-vous chaque jour?
  • 4. Florence (3eme): Avez-vous constate des changements physiques a cause de l’absence de gravite?
  • 5. Alycia (3eme): Est il difficile de vivre ensemble dans la station ISS?
  • 6. Lise (3eme): Avez vous assez d’espace, de pieces pour vivre dans la station ISS?
  • 7. Tom (3eme): Faites vous du sport dans la station et lequel?
  • 8. Lena (3eme): Quels details de la Terre voyez vous depuis l’espace?
  • 9. Ilhan (3eme): Quelle tache est la plus compliquee a realiser en apesanteur?
  • 10. Beiza (3eme): Pourquoi avez vous choisi ce metier?
  • 11. Ines (3eme): Est-ce votre premier voyage dans l’espace?
  • 12. Julien (3eme): Combien de temps avez vous mis pour vous preparer à cette mission?
  • 13. Samuel (3eme): Comment dormez vous?
  • 14. Camille (3eme): Combien de temps allez vous rester dans la station?
  • 15. Elisa (3eme): Quelles sont vos sensations quand vous quittez la Terre ?
  • 16. Eda-Nur (3eme): Comment et a quelle frequence communiquez vous avec vos proches?
  • 17. Anthony (3eme): Est ce que vous vous ennuyez parfois dans la station?
  • 18. Erwan (3eme): Quelle est votre perception du temps dans la station?
  • 19. Emma (3eme): Quelles sont les experiences que vous realisez?
  • 20. Zoe (3eme): Est-il difficile de s’adapter a la vie dans l’espace?