La station ISS sera en contact avec l’école française Jacques Prévert au Sénégal le 14 octobre prochain vers 16h31 UTC. Le contact sera réalisé entre OR4ISS et 6V7SPACE.

L’école JAcques Prévert est une école privée qui accueille des élèves du primaire et du secondaire entre 3 et 18 ans. elle est située à Saly au Sénégal, c’est la plus grande école française en dehors de Dakar. Le contact se fera en anglais.

Liste des questions :

1. Tess (10): How do you control your body movements in weightlessness?
2. Fatou (12): How are you able to keep your sense of time without the rhythm of daylight and night-time?
3. Kymsy (14): What made you decide to become an astronaut?
4. Leonie (14): Has your body grown longer since you arrived on board the ISS?
5. Yona (14): Can solar wind expose astronauts to any specific dangers when they operate outside the station?
6. Zehlia (7): In case of illness or injury, can the astronauts receive medical treatment or be evacuated?
7. Kenza (8): Can weightlessness become tiresome in the long run?
8. Eloise (15): Do you have time to relax with any leisure activities?
9. Julien (17): Has your outlook on the world changed since you have been in space?
10. Mouhamed (13): How long will it take you to be able to walk properly again once back on the earth?
11. Oulimata (11): What would you do if a comet or a meteorite was heading directly towards the ISS?
12. Tom (14): What influence does your state of mind have upon social behavior on board the ISS?
13. Laura (15): What are the most common and most worrying problems that can occur on board the ISS?
14. Louis-Samba (13): When you get back to earth, do you think your view towards life will have changed?
15. Leo (17): Can you transmit warning messages if your instruments predict the formation of a natural disaster somewhere on the Earth?
16. Leeloo (13): What are the requirements to become an astronaut?
17. Morian (10): Is your diet appetizing or difficult to follow? What food on earth do you miss the most?
18. Anne-Marie (12): How are you able to venture out of the station while it is orbiting the earth at a speed of 17000 miles an hour?
19. Emma (12): Do you miss your family?
20. Jade (14): How long is the training to become an astronaut?