ARISS_NASALa station ISS a rendez vous avec l’école Stobierna en Pologne le 27 novembre à 9h26 UTC soit 10h26 locales. Ce contact est un télébridge entre NA1SS et VK5ZAI et il se fera en anglais. Il n’est pas audible directement en Europe mais sera retransmis sur Echolink AMSAT (node 101 377) et JK1ZRW (node 277 208) et sur le serveur IRLP Discovery Reflector 9010.

Liste des questions :

1. Wiki (14): How can you distinguish between day and night?
2. Judyta (15): How much time does it take to prepare oneself for the flight into space?
3. Patrycja (15): What do you like most about being in space?
4. Oliwia (10): Is there anything similar to rain in space?
5. Kuba (10): How much time are you going to spend on board?
6. Patryk (12): What do your daily routines look like?
7. Konrad (12): What kind of duties do you have to carry out?
8. Wiki (14): Have you got any free time and what do you do in your free time?
9. Judyta (15): Is it easy to sleep without gravity?
10. Patrycja (15): How do you take care of your personal hygiene aboard the ISS?
11. Oliwia (10): What do your meals look like?
12. Kuba (10): What do you eat and do you eat any fast food?
13. Patryk (12): Do you miss everyday life on Earth?
14. Konrad (14): How often can you get in touch with your relatives?
15. Wiki (12): Can you see the Eiffel Tower or the Chinese Wall from space?
16. Judyta (15): What does the Earth look like at night?