ARISS_NASALa station ISS a rendez vous le 8 janvier à 12h21 UTC avec l’école Tecnico Industriale Galileo Ferraris de San Giovanni Valdarno en Italie. Ce sera un contact direct entre IR0ISS et IQ5GX et sera en anglais. Il sera retransmis en streaming sur le site de l’AMSAT Italie

Liste des questions :

1. What should I do if I wanted to become an astronaut? I mean what educational path should I follow, which degree would be the best to take, in your opinion?
2. Do you have particular memories you would like to share with us?
3. Why is it important going to the outer space? Is it more important to spend money on space missions than on other fields?
4. How many crew members are there with you? Have you been trained also to get along well to each other?
5. How long does it take you to regain all your physical ability when you come back to Earth?
6. What types of experiments are you currently running? Which are the most useful for mankind?
7. What do you do when you get sick in space? Do you need a doctor on board the ISS?
8. Have you ever been scared to fly in space?
9. How long are the missions?
10. What is the strangest question you have been asked by students?
11. Do you believe that someday man will discover other planets that support life?
12. How often do micro- meteoroids collide with your space shuttle? How difficult is to avoid them?
13. Will it be possible for astronauts to land on other planets in the future?
14. How is the International Space Station able to keep in contact with the Mission Control Center?
15. What type of antennas do you use for it?
16. What kind of operating system do you use in the space station?
17. What are your daily tasks in the space station and how do you spend your free time?
18. What kind of training do you need to become an astronaut?
19. How long did it take you to reach your destination orbit?