ARISS_NASAVendredi 17 janvier à 9h51 UTC (10h51 locales) la station ISS a rendez vous avec le collège Les Gondoliers à la Roche sur Yon en France. Ce sera un contact direct en anglais entre OR4ISS et F6KUF/P. Il sera audible sur 145.800 MHz FM

ISS arrivera sur l’horizon de La Roche sur Yon a l’Ouest-Nord-Ouest (291,4°) à 10h50’13 » et disparaitra au Sud-Sud-Est (148°) à 11h00’47 ». C’est un passage par le sud avec à l’apogée une élévation de 26° (219,7°). La durée de passage est de 10′ 34 »  . Nous leur souhaitons la pleine réussite pour ce contact.

Listes des questions

1. Alice (14): How do you make a difference between your day and night?
2. Camille (15): How does it feel living in zero gravity?
3. Lucien (14): How many hours of exercise do you do per day?
4. Thomas (16): What was the subject of the last scientific experiment you carried out?
5. Shawana (14): Do you get news from your family and how often?
6. Valentin (15): Which time zone do you use?
7. Oscar (14): Are there any diseases specifically related to space?
8. Bastien (15): Do you have any problems with your balance?
9. Terry (15): How does space sickness show itself?
10. Lison (13): What educational qualifications are needed to join the crew of the ISS?
11. Andréa (14): How many hours do you sleep per day?
12. Sébastien (14): How did your family and friends feel about you leaving?
13. Martin (13): How many hours do you work per day?
14. Adeline (13): Can you sense your direction of travel in the ISS?
15. Axel (13): Does your stay in the ISS seem long?
16. Luc (14): How do you renew your reserves of oxygen on board?
17. Maxime (13): Do you have individual menus at mealtimes?
18. Jule (13): Does zero gravity have any ill effects on your blood circulation?
19. Clément (13): How do you move around when you are outside?
20. Alexandre (13): Can you go outside just for pleasure?