Un contact avec 3 écoles italiennes est prévu le 9 janvier 2015 à 10h14 UTC et 11h14 locales.

C’est un contact direct opéré par IK0USO de puis Salesiano et IW0CZC depuis Frascati et par téléb ridge de Rome.

Le signal downlink sera audible sur 145.800 MHz et sera retransmis sur le canal de l’AMSAT-Italy.

amsat_italia on Broadcast Live Free

L’échange se fera en italien, voici les questions traduites en anglais

1. The time of the re-entry into the atmosphere seems to be less evolved. There are studies underway to modify or change this stage?
2. How long does it take to arrive on the international space station?
3. What is the equipment of the astronaut during extra vehicular activity?
4. What kind of material is made the surface that covers the lower part of the spacecraft re-entry?
5. How many km / h you travel to reach the international space station?
6. The extra vehicular activities that you will do will umbilical or free? What goals and how they will be held?
7. How does the deceleration during re-entry?
8. The control of the flight on the Soyuz is automatic or are you a pilot?
9. How does the return to the international space station after an extra vehicular activity?
10. After take-off part of the missile is dispersed in space?
11. Which angle is formed between the trajectory of the spacecraft and the Earth’s surface during re-entry? What are the risks an angle of re-entry is not correct?
12. Samantha, you are the first Italian woman to do extra vehicular activity. What are your feelings and what your concerns about it?
13. What happens to take off when passing through the Earth’s atmosphere?
14. During the return to earth, how much gravitational force suffer the astronauts?
15. There is the possibility of accidents during extra vehicular activity?
16. When it takes off there is a lot of turbulence?
17. Why do astronauts after the mission should go in quarantine? What happens at the neurological level?
18. How do you prepare for extra vehicular activity? What is the training and simulations?
19. It was more exciting to enter into the international space station or the time of takeoff?
20. How do you manage to fit into a specific point on the earth, without risk to human life and the environment?
21. How do you communicate with the International Space Station during extra vehicular activities?
22. As with the docking of the Soyuz to the International Space Station?
23. How long does a return trip?
24. If, during extra-vehicular activity occurs as an illness is rescue the astronaut?