ARISS_NASAUn contact entre la station internationale ISS et le Space jam 9 de Rantoul aux USA, 9ème rencontres scout de l’Illinois, est planifié pour le samedi 8 août à 16h58 UTC soit 18h58 heure locale. C’est un contact en télébridge entre OR4ISS et IK1SLD, les signaux seront audibles en Europe sur 145.800 MHz en FM

Passages visibles d’ISS

En utilisant l’application Android ISS Detector, voici les prévisions en heures locales des prochains passages d’ISS centrés sur Lillers. Les horaires et élévation varient selon la situation géographique, il faut soit se géolocaliser avec l’application soit rentrer manuellement les coordonnées GPS. Pour une bonne visibilité il faut, en général une élévation au dessus de 20° à cause des obstacles naturels sur l’horizon comme des arbres, et bien sûr une météo sans nuage. ISS arrive en général entre le Ouest et le Sud et se dirige entre le Nord et l’Est, donc à l’inverse des astres. Le temps entre 2 passages est le temps d’une rotation soit 1h25min. Le temps d’un passage est d’environ 9 minutes, dont 7 minutes vraiment exploitables et visibles.

Date heure Elévation
04/08 23h17 79°
05/08 22h16 78°
05/08 23h52 70°
06/08 1h28 14°
06/08 22h51 72°
07/08 0h27 58°
07/08 23h25 74°
08/08 1h01 16°
08/08 23h24 69°
09/08 22h58 82°
10/08 0h34 18°
10/08 21h57 70°
10/08 23h33 56°+
12/08 23h05 42°

Liste des questions en anglais

1. How do you train to sleep in space?

2. What type of engine propulsion will we use to go to Mars?

3. Could we drop containers to the Mars surface but leave the engine in orbit?

4. Would a steam powered train whistle work in space?

5. How long did you train for this mission?

6. Could ribbons be stretched to an Earth orbiting station & used as tracks to reach orbit?

7. Could ribbons be stretched to a Mars orbiting station & used as tracks to reach orbit?

8. If a ship left Mars, traveling 17,500 mph, what is the shortest time it could take to reach Earth.

9. Imagine you are the engineer on a shuttle that goes back and forth between Earth orbit and Mars orbit; what year would it be?

10. Are you still training for future missions?

11. What is your favorite food on the space station?

12. How many bits of space junk does NASA track & how can we reduce the problem?

13. Are there earth-bound disabilities that might be irrelevant in space weightlessness?

14. Is there art on the walls of the ISS or do you see examples of the Arts in space?

15. If we found cave art on Mars what do you imagine it would depict?

16. Are there any musical instruments on the ISS?

17. Every discipline can be an art; from the people who sew the stitches on a space suit to a computer programmer, aren’t we all artists when we do our best?

18. The theme for SJ 10 will be the Arts; should STEM education be changed to STEAM?

19. What music do you listen to on the ISS?

20. What is your favorite form of art?

21. How is the espresso machine working?

22. What fresh foods do you most look forward to on delivery day?

23. When will we first set foot on Mars?

24. When will we go back to the Moon?