Un contact ARISS est programmé entre l’école Saint Gallen en Suisse et ISS, le lundi 24 aout 2015 à 12h24 UTC (14h24 locales). C’est un contact direct entre OR4ISS et HB9SG qui sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz en FM

Liste des questions en anglais

  • 1. Christian: Do you feel the speed you are travelling at inside the space station?
  • 2. Andrina: What was the most difficult thing to get used to on the ISS?
  • 3. Haxhere: Can you return to earth any time?
  • 4. Jennifer: Does it take long to adapt to zero gravity?
  • 5. Oliver: What time do you set your clock to? Is there official ISS time?
  • 6. Elena: Do you have an idea why there are just a few female astronauts?
  • 7. Florian: How is it for you to be away from your family and friends for so long?
  • 8. Fabio: What’s the most important discovery you have made on the ISS?
  • 9. Christian: How difficult is it to live with the same people all the time?
  • 10. Andrina: What is the thing you miss the most up in the ISS? Like for example family, certain foods, gravity.
  • 11. Haxhere: What do you do when you are sick?
  • 12. Jennifer: Can you describe the feeling that you get when you look down on earth?
  • 13. Oliver: What are you afraid of when you are in space?
  • 14. Elena: What was the most dangerous situation you’ve ever had in the spaceship?
  • 15. Florian: Have you had the idea of going to space since you were a child?
  • 16. Fabio: What kind of experiments are you conducting at the moment?
  • 17. Christian: How long do you have sunlight?
  • 18. Andrina: What is the best thing about being an astronaut?
  • 19. Haxhere: Do you have any private space for yourself?
  • 20. Jennifer: How realistic was your training on earth compared to the situation in space?