L’école Nowogard de Pologne à rendez vous avec la station spatiale ISS ce mardi 29 septembre à 12h56 TU (14h56 locales). C’est un contact télébridge entre NA1SS et LU1CGB.

L’évènement sera retransmis en direct  sur le webcast

Liste des questions (en anglais)

1. Weronika (14): What kind of technology is used to have Internet on the station?

2. Mateusz (16): What is the shortest time to leave the station, for example in case of sending back to Earth a seriously ill astronaut?

3. Konrad (15): In your opinion, what module of the ISS is the most heavily loaded with electronics and what tasks does it serve?

4. Rados³aw (16): Does the station have cosmic rays detectors and how do they indicate that the radiation dose inside the station is higher than acceptable?

5. Damian (15): What astronauts have to do in case of fire on the station?

6. Jakub (14): Do astronauts have free time?

7. Kornelia (13): What is the composition and pressure of the atmosphere inside the space station?

8. Norbert (15): What is the most interesting or astonishing Earth atmospheric phenomenon you have ever observed?

9. Szymon (14): What is the most difficult task you did on the station?

10. Norbert (18): Do all members of the crew sleep at the same time?

11. Kacper (17): Is it true that pizza and carbonated drinks are forbidden on the ISS? Could you explain why?

12. Hubert (17): How is the station provided with electricity?

13. Oktawiusz (15): What are negative symptoms of being under Zero Gravity for too long?

14. Izabela (17): Is everyone on the station trained to take a spacewalk, if necessary?