Lindi 29 février il sera 12h06 UTC lorsque l’école allemande entrera en contact direct avec ISS. La station sera opérée par DL0IL. Le signal sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz en FM bande étroite.

Liste des questions en anglais

1. Jasmina (13): What does ISS stands for?
2. Melina (13): How do you pee in space?
3. Sakina (17): For how long to you stay in space?
4. Ralf (14): How can you sleep without gravity?
5. Aswina (18): What is your mission?
6. Emelie (15): How big is the ISS?
7. Lorena: Is the food edible?
8. Jonas (19): What do you do to prepare yourself?
9. Hannah (14): Is being astronaut your childhood dream?
10. Veronika (19): What´s most beautiful about being in space?
11. Philipp (18): What´s the (your) first impression in ISS?
12. Christian (17): What are you thinking of, the moment you are flying into space?
13. Mark (17): What have you always been eager to do in space?
14. Nils (17): Can practicing under water be compared to being in space?
15. Patricia (17): How does fire react in weightlessness (zero gravity)?
16 Fabian (17): How do you protect from rays in space?
17. Christian (17): What kind of feeling is it to be back to earth?
18. Annika (16): What´s it like to be far away from your family for such a long time?
19 Jaqueline (18): How does it feel to work together with the same people all the time?
20. Tim (16): What´s it like for you to look down to earth?