Samedi 5 mars à 10h55 UTC, les élèves de l’école secondaire de Mid Wales en Grande Bretagne et GB4PCS entreront en contact avec la station ISS. Le signal sera audible sur 145.800 FM bande étroite.

Liste des questions

1. Caitlin (aged 13): What training regime did you have to undertake in order to prepare for your mission to the space station?
2. Emily (aged 13): What is your favourite study that you carrying out to show what life is like in space?
3. Kelsey (aged 13): What objects in space can you see more clearly with your eyes in space?
4. Amelia (aged 13): Can you describe the automatic systems on board the ISS to keep you in your current orbit?
5. Callum (aged 11): What research are you currently working on?
6. Kit (aged 13): Do you ever feel sudden vertigo or claustrophobia whilst you are up in space?
7. Wyn (aged 14): Do you feel your senses are any different in space compared to being on the ground – for example is your sense of smell more acute?
8. Edward (aged 15): On the Principia website, it says you are looking into a range of research areas including ‘novel materials’. Can you describe a new material you are working on?
9. Amy (aged 14): Can you describe what is meant by ‘Fluid Physics’ and describe any experiments you are conducting using ‘Fluid Physics’?
10. Gwen (aged 18): On one of your video reports, we can see you watching the 6 Nations Rugby. How can you have a better picture in space compared to us here on earth?
11. Caitlin (aged 13): What inspires you to keep up the demanding physical exercise routines in space?
12. Emily (aged 13): How long does do you expect it to take you to acclimatise when you return to the earths surface?
13. Kelsey (aged 13): Of the objects you said that you can see with your eyes, what specific detail is better from space?
14. Amelia (aged 13): How do you assess your muscular strength in space?
15. Callum (aged 11): Can you describe how you get into and leave the ISS without losing any air?
16. Kit (aged 13): What is your favourite discovery you and the team have made during your time in space so far?
17. Wyn (aged 14): How long does it take to prepare for a spacewalk??
18. Edward (aged 15): Picking one ‘novel material’, can you describe how it would be used on earth?
19. Amy (aged 14): Of all the experiments you are carrying out on the human body, which one has given you the biggest surprise in terms of results?