La station spatiale ISS a rendez vous le lundi 25 avril à 12h02 UTC avec la Derby High School de Bury en Grande Bretagne. Ce sera un contact direct opéré par GB1DHS et Timothy Peake KG5BVI. Le contact sera audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz bande étroite FM

Liste des questions en anglais

  • 1. Leah (year 7): Tim, You have become an inspiration to young people, how do you feel about this?
  • 2. Lewis (year 7): Is it be possible to detect dark matter whilst in space?
  • 3. Aisha (year 8): How do you get enough electricity to power everything we see on the ISS?
  • 4. Paul (year 9): Do you think you will get to go on another space mission, and what might it be?
  • 5. Shahaan (year 10): Can disease, as we know it on earth, exist in space?
  • 6. Leah (year 11): What everyday task has become more complicated in space?
  • 7. Nathan (year 5): The Sun looks yellow from Earth, does it look different from space?
  • 8. Francesca (year 5): If you could invite two guests, past or present to join you for dinner on the ISS who would they be and why?
  • 9. Rosie – year 5): Does your heart beat faster or slower in space?
  • 10. Hamaad (year 5): Would you encourage your children to become astronauts?
  • 11. Leah (year 7): Do molecules and atoms behave differently in space?
  • 12. Lewis (year 7): Is it easier to see other planets in the Solar System from the ISS?
  • 13. Aisha (year 8): If you could visit your younger self what would you say about your experience?
  • 14. Paul (year 9): What is your most important experiment and how will we benefit down here on Earth?
  • 15. Shahaan (year 10): Do movies like Gravity give a realistic picture of being in space?
  • 16. Leah (year 11): You are completing over 200 experiments. How will they benefit us here on Earth?
  • 17. Nathan (year 5): If you fired a bullet in space how far would it go?
  • 18. Francesca (year 5): Why do you wear a mission patch on your space suit?
  • 19. Rosie – year 5): Do seeds grow faster in space than on Earth?
  • 20. Hamaad (year 5): Will being back on Earth ever be the same for you?