ARISS_NASA-300x142La station spatiale a rendez vous avec Jeff Williams KD5TQV et le Peoria Riverfront Museum à Peroa dans l’Illinois aux USA ce mercredi 27 à 19h59 UTC.  Le contact se fera par télebridge et sera opéré depuis l’Italie par IK5LD, le signal sera donc audible sur l’Europe sur 145.800 MHz en bande FM étroite. Il n’y aura pas de vidéo depuis l’ISS, mais le contact sera retransmis sur

Liste des questions :

  • 1. Luke: What happens when you sneeze in space?
  • 2. Lily: What do you miss from Earth most while you are in space?
  • 3. Andy: How do the plants grow differently in space than on Earth?
  • 4. Kevin H.: From space, what area on Earth looks best?
  • 5. Andrew B.: What do you do for fun while on the ISS?
  • 6. Zane: Is it true that your spine grows abnormally in space?
  • 7. Avani: Would you prefer to go on a spacewalk, or to go for a walk on Earth with gravity?
  • 8. Staff/Audience Member: What is the first thing you will eat when you return to Earth?
  • 9. Staff/Audience Member: What will you be doing today after you are done talking to us?
  • 10. Staff/Audience Member: Which current science experiment on the ISS interests you most?
  • 11. Staff/Audience Member: What is the most difficult job you do on the ISS?
  • 12. Staff/Audience Member: How many sunsets do you see in a day?
  • 13. Staff/Audience Member: What was the most difficult part of adjusting to weightlessness?
  • 14. Staff/Audience Member: Where do you see human spaceflight in 50 years?
  • 15. Staff/Audience Member: Do you have trouble running into things while moving about the ISS?