La station ISS a rendez vous le samedi 2 février à 15h23 UTC avec le collège Campo de Flores, Almada, au Portugal.

La conversation se fera en anglais  entre David St-Jacques KG5FYI et  avec CS5SS.

Le signal sera donc audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz en FM

Liste des questions :

1. Carolina (17): In your opinion, what skills must an astronaut have?

2. Artur (17): What would you advise to someone who hopes to be in your place one day?

3. Francisco (17): What effects does space cause on human body?

4. Joao (10): How long did you take to adjust to zero gravity?

5. Dinis (10): Can you describe a typical day on ISS?

6. Maria (10): Which daily routine is harder for you?

7. Sofia (12): What would be a different day aboard ISS?

8. Rafael (12): What do you do not to think about the ones you miss the most?

9. Daniel (12): Besides our planet, what else can you see when you look through the window?

10. Beatriz (11): Have you ever seen a black hole?

11. Martim (12): How do you distinguish day from night?

12. Vicente (12): How do you fight illnesses?

13. Lucas (12): What dangers do you face?

14. Mariana (13): Which technologies allow you to survive?

15. Beatriz (14): Which energy sources do you use on ISS?

16. Margarida (14): What scientific experiments do you perform on ISS?

17. Miguel (15): What are the most interesting/exciting scientific discoveries so far?

18. Goncalo (15): The Earth is becoming overpopulated, do you think that living in space is an alternative?

19. Filipa (16): Is space as polluted as Earth?

20. Beatriz (16): What did you feel when you first saw our planet from space?