La station ISS a rendez vous le mardi 5 mars à 9h50 UTC avec Ceip Nuestra Senora Del Carmen, Torre De La Reina, en Espagne.

La conversation se fera en anglais  entre David St-Jacques KG5FYI et  avec EG7NSC.

Le signal sera donc audible en Europe sur 145.800 MHz en FM

Un streaming vidéo est prévu :

Liste des questions :

  • 1. Celia: What did you think when you saw Earth from space?
  • 2. Joaquin: What are you currently investigating on the ISS?
  • 3. Pablo: When did you decide to become an astronaut?
  • 4. Adrian: How do you live in such a small place?
  • 5. Asuncion: How long do you need to recover after finishing your missions?
  • 6. Francisco: If an astronaut floats away from the ISS, what do you have to do?
  • 7. Elsa: Which values and skills should an astronaut have?
  • 8. Sergio: Can you eat whatever you want?
  • 9. Carmen: What´s the most common problem inside the ISS?
  • 10. Aliu: Could you go to Mars with this ISS?
  • 11. Paola: Can you have a shower or bath there?
  • 12. Maria: Where do you throw your rubbish?
  • 13. Andrea: How long can you stay at the ISS?
  • 14. Angela: Is there a doctor in the ISS?
  • 15. Irene: How many hours do you sleep every day?
  • 16. Jaime: How do you keep fit?
  • 17. Margarita: What´s your favourite food and drink there?
  • 18. Pablo: Do you listen to music at work?
  • 19. Lucia: Can you see our country from the ISS?
  • 20. Jose: When will you come back to Earth?