La station ISS a rendez vous le Jeudi 21 juin à 8h49 UTC avec King Island District High School, Currie, TAS, Australia.

La conversation se fera en anglais entre David St Jacques KG5FYI et  IK1SLD en télébridge.

Le signal sera audible en Europe, il sera retransmis sur

Liste des questions

  • 1. Brooke: Why did you become an astronaut?
  • 2. Declan: What training do you need to be an astronaut to go to space and where did you do your training?
  • 3. Tia: What sort of food do you eat and how do you determine your meal times in space?
  • 4. Evan: What do you do in your spare time so you don’t get bored while in space?
  • 5. Molly: Does it get lonely in space?
  • 6. Katina: How do you exercise in space?
  • 7. Angus: How old is the International Space Station and do parts wear out in space like they do on earth?
  • 8. Ameila: What is your job on the ISS and how do you do it?
  • 9. Carlos: What are space worms and why are they so important in space?
  • 10. Lawson: How long does it take to orbit the earth?
  • 11. Caedel: Have you researched the black hole and if so, how big is it?
  • 12. Angus: What kind of research do you do?
  • 13. Janelle: Do you have any advice for any of our students wishing to follow in your career path?