La station ISS a rendez vous le Lundi 18 novembre à 19h01 UTC avec l’école maternelle Lakeside à West Point, UT, USA .

La conversation se fera en anglais entre Drew Morgan KI5AAA et IK1SLD en Italie du Nord

Le contact sera audible en Europe en FM sur 145 800 MHz et sera retransmis en streaming vidéo

Liste des questions

  • 1. Jett (6): What made you want to be an astronaut?
  • 2. Jim (K): How do Astronauts draw in Space?
  • 3. Eliza (2): How did it feel to be part of the 1st all women spacewalk?
  • 4. Haizley (1): How do you drive a spaceship?
  • 5. Hadley (4): If something goes wrong, do you have an emergency plan? I.E. if a meteor hits you, the engine breaks
  • 6. Leilani (1): How and what do you eat in space?
  • 7. Ryan (6): What has been your most dangerous situation in space?
  • 8. Logan (1): What do you do for fun in the space station when you are not working?
  • 9. Quinnlyn (5): What experiments are you working on in space right now?
  • 10. Dallyn (3): Can plants grow in space?