ARISS_NASALundi 12 août à 18h47 UTC aura lieu un contact entre les scouts canadiens et ISS. C’est un contact télébridge opéré par IK1SLD au nord de l’Italie. On pourra donc entendre le downlink sur 145.800 MHz en FM

Le contact sera retransmis sur Echolink (node 101 377) et JK1ZRW (node 277 208)

C’est l’astronaute Luca Parmitano KF5KDP qui répondra aux questions :

1. How many of you that are aboard the ISS are scouts?
2. Have any of you been at a Jamboree or a Scout Moot?
3. How’s the serenity at the ISS?
4. What are the major issues of prolonged weightlessness, how to deal with them in space, do they have any continuing effects upon your turn?
5. Do Micro meteorites or space debris pose any problem to the station and do you solve the issue if the problem arises?
6. Outside friends and family, what do you miss the most when you’re up there?
7. Did you undertake survival training in preparation for the mission on the ISS?
8. Does language or cultural differences present challenges on the ISS?
9. What is the future of the ISS and will we build another?
10. Do you for see a Space Station orbiting the moon or mars at some point?
11. What are the challenges of all nations working together to conquer Space Travel?
12. Would you do this again knowing the sacrifices and difficulties you overcame to succeed?
13. What is your favourite activity on the ISS?
14. Are there limits to age for Space Travel?
15. What medical impacts are you experiencing on the ISS?