Un contact ARISS est programmé le vendredi 17 octobre à 16h41 UTC avec une école du district d’Indian en Pennsylvanie. Ce sera un contact télébridge qui sera opéré par la station IK1SLD. Le signal descendant sera donc audible en Europe sur 145 800 MHz en bande FM étroite.

Le contact sera retransmis sur le node Echolink AMSAT (node 101 377) et JK1ZRW (node 277 208) ainsi que sur IRLP Discovery Reflector 9010.

Liste des questions

1. Chase: How many countries are involved in the International Space Station?
2. Josh: Can you feel the cold of space through your space suit?
3. Liam: Do you believe that there is intelligent life thriving somewhere in the universe?
4. Dave: Does being weightless have any long-term effects on the human body?
5. Laura: When do you think we will have the technology for astronauts to travel farther in space?
6. Andre: Which of the research projects that you are working on right now, has the most scientific potential?
7. Axel: Who has the most control over the spacecraft? The astronauts, stabilization auto-pilot, or mission control?
8. Breanna: What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you in space?
9. Maddie Redhead-Kriston: Are space suits comfortable?
10. Erica: How do you help your families deal with the dangers of your job?
11. Isabelle: What is the most common misconception teenagers may have about space?
12. Brandon: Do you have any anxiety because you are nowhere near the safety of Earth?
13. Nathan: What college, and what major, would you recommend for someone to become an astronaut?
14. Shaelyn: What is the most interesting, or strangest, thing you have seen in the space station?
15. Tavan: What surprised you the most when you first arrived in space?
16. Maddie Todd: Do you foresee a day when space colonies will be real?